Pedal Vision

Pedal Power Generators LLC  along with its affiliated partners has been providing bicycle generator systems children and adults for customers around the world for over 10 years.    These systems are low voltage DC generating systems that can charge batteries or be connected to AC inverters.     Please check our website here.

The Pedal Vision  System  was rolled out  by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2010 as a new fitness program for his Maricopa county prisons.  This system converts human energy into electrical energy used to power a television or other electrical appliances.

This system puts out up to 24Volts DC which is connected to an AC inverter that converts the Voltage to 110V AC to power a 75 Watt TV Display screen.

Additional modifications were made to the body of the stationary bike generator to harden it for the prison environment.   Features on the system that were originally adjustable were welded fast such as the seat height adjustments.   A protective basket was fabricated and installed to fit over the fly wheel and generator so that area of the generator could not be tampered with.


Spin bike generator 12V Jail Sheriff Joe

Pedal Vision Stationary Bike Generator 12V

Spin Bike Generator 12V Pedal Vision

Stationary Bike Generator 12V System

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